Hi, I've seen your aerial posts and I was wondering how early you started? I'm sorry if this is personal or something, I'm curious because I really want to get more into different areas of circus :3 Thanks and sorry for bothering you
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Hi there! 

Don’t apologize; it’s not personal at all. I started training aerial arts around 13 years old, but I was coming from a background in competitive gymnastics. That being said, you can start training for aerial arts at any time, with or without a movement background. I’d absolutely encourage doing so :) 


Megan Gendell

"Megan Gendell is a handbalancer, aerialist, and all-around acrobat based in New York City and Vermont, and is currently coaching at the New England Center for Circus Arts. She creates physical performance that is inventive, powerful, warm, and inviting."

Photo by Cassidy Kristiansen

Yay! NECCA people ^_^

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Ludovic Florent's series “Poussières d’étoiles” (Stardust). 

This is fucking gorgeous

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